OnePager Perspective Change

OnePager Perspective Change – Strategic C-Level consulting based on the OnePager® methodology

OnePager Perspective Change overview

  • Who we are: OnePager Perspective Change provides strategic C-level consulting based on the OnePager® methodology.
  • Who we support: C-level business leaders and communicators.
  • What we offer: As a sparring partner for corporate management and strategy questions, we provide support in investor search, public relations, sales, change management and more. Our services do not include governmental relations.
  • How we do it: The OnePager® methodology is based on more than 30 years of pioneering scientific work
    and hundreds of successful projects

Necessity and application of the OnePager® methodology

Complexity of decision making

In a globalised and digitalised world, professional and personal decisions become increasingly complex.

Challenges in communication

Diverse interests and vast amounts of data make it difficult to communicate in a targeted, solution-oriented way.

Demand for structures and tools

In complex situations, people need structures to organise information, unlock closed solutions and communicate in a targeted way.

The OnePager® methodology solution

In a globalised and digitalised world, professional and personal decisions become increasingly complex.

Achievements in government relations

The OnePager® methodology has proven to be a game changer, especially in governmental relations. It is now being used to establish the change of perspective as game changer in other business models.

OnePager® Methodology Process

  1. Complexity assessment
    In simple situations you can continue as before. You need the One-Pager® methodology for complex situations.
  2. Separation of content and process
    In a complex situation, our approach is to look at the content and the process separately. Only then we can find new levers for successful problem solving.
  3. Change of perspective
    Examination of whether it is possible to change the perspective. Only then we will proceed.
  4. Process analysis
    In 85-95% of cases, the change in perspective is successful. The greater the complexity, the more important process competence becomes. We identify leverage points for successful problem solving.
  5. Problem Solving
    The change of perspective creates a new logic in terms of content, which is subordinated to the logic of the process. The big picture and information about the solution to the problem are clear. We actively accompany all phases and changes.


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