Strategic consulting. Based on the OnePager® methodology.

OnePager Perspective Change guides you to a successful change of perspective.

The OnePager Perspective Change introduces itself – in a OnePager

With the right change of perspective to success – OnePager Perspective Change accompanies you as a strategic partner

Wherever complexity becomes a challenge, the OnePager® methodology is your key to success. With us as your strategic partner, you will find the right solutions for all corporate management and strategy issues – customised, process-oriented and systematic.

Process consulting at the highest level

OnePager Perspective Change offers strategic consulting for managers and communicators at the C-level and systematically leads to a successful change of perspective.

Structure through the OnePager® methodology

The OnePager® methodology is based on 30 years of pioneering scientific work and hundreds of successful practical projects. Together with our clients, we solve complex operational challenges through structural process support.

Application to complex strategy issues

As a sparring partner for steering and strategy issues, we provide support in the search for investors and public relations, in sales and change management, etc.

The OnePager® methodology

Challenges in communication

In a globalised and digitalised world, the complexity of decisions is increasing, both professionally and privately. Diverse interests and huge amounts of data make targeted, solution-orientated communication difficult.

Change of perspective instead of complexity

In complex situations, people need structures to organise information, open up closed solutions and communicate in a targeted manner. By methodically changing perspectives, data and thoughts can be structured in complex situations. This makes solutions visible and communicable.

Successes in the area of governmental relations

The OnePager® methodology has proven to be a game changer, particularly in the field of governmental relations, and is now being used with the aim of establishing the change of perspective as game changer in other business models.

The OnePager® methodology is customised for each application, but the process can generally be divided into five steps:

  1. Complexity assessment
    In simple situations, you can carry on as before. In complex situations, you need the OnePager® methodology.
  2. Secession of content and process
    In a complex situation, we consider content and process separately. Only then can we find new leverage points for successful problem solutions.
  3. Change of perspective
    Check whether it is possible to change the perspective from that of the person affected to that of the other person. Only then can we proceed.
  4. Process analysis
    In 85-95% of cases, the change of perspective is successful. The greater the complexity, the more important the process expertise. We identify leverage points for successful problem solving.
  5. Problem solution
    The change of perspective creates a new content logic that is subordinate to the process logic. The overall picture and the information for solving the problem become clear. We proactively accompany all phases and changes.

“I founded OnePager Perspective Change GmbH to work with clients to solve problems in complex situations by a strategic change of perspectives in a customised, process-oriented and systematic way. The OnePager® methodology is based on 30 years of pioneering scientific work and hundreds of successful practical projects. It was developed by me, refined over decades and has successfully established itself on the market in political advocacy. Wherever complexity becomes a problem, the OnePager® methodology is the key to success.”

Prof Dr Klemens Joos
Founder and CEO of OnePager Perspective Change GmbH

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